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Autistic Progress planner
Autistic Progress planner
Autistic Progress planner
Autistic Progress planner
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Autistic Progress planner

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As an autistic individual and as a parent to three autistic sons, I know that life can be overwhelming at times. It can be difficult for me as an autistic person to keep track of appointments, meetings, to do lists. 

As a parent in a neurodiverse household I find myself under pressure at times and trying to keep on top of everything I need to know for each of my little boys. At times, I can become disorganised so I wanted to create a Progress Planner for myself as an autistic person but also one I could use as a parent to autistic children. 

I recently presented on the topic of Understanding Autism to a wonderful parent group and while I was there I handed out a copy of my Progress Planner. It was one I had printed for my own personal use at home. 

All of the parents asked me could I add the Progress Planner to my store and I let them know I would and that I would add it as an E Resource so you can print it out as many times as you need and add it to a folder or bind it with a book binding machine at home. 

You can print out pages multiple times as you add more information to your Progress planning Binder / File / Folder

The Progress Planner is 92 pages long. 

Contents Chapters:

  • Identity Information
  • Contact Information (assorted contact pages)
  • Allergy Information
  • Medical Information(Assorted Forms & Tracker Sheets)
  • Health Information (Nutrition - Preferences & Aversions)
  • Sleep Information (Sleep Trackers & Medical Information)
  • Mood Trackers
  • Education Information (Assorted Forms)
  • Therapy Information (Assorted Forms)
  • Communication ( Assorted Forms)
  • Sensory (Assorted Forms)
  • Life Skills (Assorted Forms)
  • Self Help Skills (Assorted Forms)
  • Safety Information 
  • My Planning (Yearly Monthly Weekly Daily Forms)
  • Checklists & Notes


 Please note this is a very large digital file. It may be worthwhile saving to a hard-drive/USB for storage. 


This is an Instant Digital Download - you will not receive a physical product in the mail. Upon your purchase, you will immediately receive a link to download your order in your email.

All of my worksheets are in standard a4 size. 

The Progress Planner is standard A4 size  and should be printed on A4 Size Paper. When printed, the colors might be darker or vary from what you see on your computer screen.

Alternatively you can ask a Professional Printer to print a copy for you (this is what I do). 


This resource is for personal use. It is not for commercial use whatsoever. It is the intellectual property of Amanda Mc Guinness.

This resource copyrighted and is intended for personal use only. You can reprint pages as many times as you’d like, as long as they are for your personal use. Please do not resell or redistribute to others as this will be an infringement upon my legal copyright.