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Safety Rules On The Bus
Safety Rules On The Bus
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Safety Rules On The Bus

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School Bus Rules Social Story and Interactive Activities


This resource comes with:


x1 Social Story

x44 Additional Symbols

x4 Interactive Learning Mats

x4 Poster Learning Mats


An interactive Social Story to support your learner to understand there are safety rules they must obey when travelling on a school bus. The social story can be used interactively by using the "Yes / No" symbols that come with the resource and add the correct symbol to each page with consists of an image to reaffirm the rule together with wording to explain the rule.


The Social Story may also be read as a non-interactive Social Story by reading the story and not using the extra symbols.


The resource also comes with x 4 interactive learning mats and x4 completed learning mats that can be used A4 posters depicting the rules

  • Lining Up For The Bus
  • Wearing A Seat Belt
  • Sitting On The Bus Seats
  • Buses On The Road


Each of the 4 interactive activities will encourage students to consider the safety rules travelling.


Each of the interactive learning mats come with additional symbols/pieces that can be used with the resource to support learning.


Social Stories™ are a method of communication between a student with autism and the professional/parent. They are used as a means of clearly communicating information about a context, skill or concept in a way that is meaningful to someone with autism. This creates clarity and predictability for the student and can subsequently reduce anxiety and improve the ability to cope in different contexts and experiences.


Sit down with your child at a time they are relaxed and engaged. Read through the story and encourage any questions they may have. For students who may not be able to read, read the story for them and use the visual icons to help your child/student understand what their daily routine will be like once they start going to school. I would recommend reading this story daily in advance of school starting.

Ensure you keep your tone calm, relaxed and open to hearing/understanding any worries or anxieties your student/child may have. Use each page as a jumping off point for other worries your child may be feeling.

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