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Autistic Culture Poster

Autistic Culture Poster

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April is Autism Acceptance Month!

As an Autistic Educator, I know the importance of teaching acceptance early so our children grow up with a strong sense of acceptance, justice and fairness. 

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Autism Acceptance Education A4 Poster


An A4 Autistic Culture Education Poster featuring "Auti" / "Amanda" an Autistic Character representative of Autistic Advocate Amanda Mc Guinness and her lived experiences as an Autistic individual.

This poster features Autistic Culture symbology from Amanda's unique perspective as an Autistic individual. Each Autistic individual will have their own expression of Autistic Culture. There may be some commonalities across the Autistic community regarding culture, but ultimately we are each uniquely ourselves. 

For more graphics featuring Auti check out Amanda's Instagram and Facebook @littlepuddins.ie


This is a FREE resource to support Autistic lived experience Education and Acceptance.

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