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Who are Little Puddin Prints?

Little Puddin Prints is a small Irish educational, family run business, based in the West of Ireland, founded by Amanda Mc Guinness.

Amanda and her family have been sharing their lives on-line since 2015 when Amanda launched Mayo’s first autism family blog -The Little Puddins Blog.


Through her blog Amanda and her family have been on the most extraordinary journey, through TV appearances on The Late Late Show as Autism Ambassadors, to appearances on Prime Time, Ireland AM, RTÉ News and Virgin Media. Amanda and her little Puddins have featured in print and on-line across the world. 




Amanda is most well known online for her philanthropic design and sharing of visual supports and educational resources to families of children with additional needs the world over.


Her most recent design “What is the Coronavirus?” Social Story became a viral sensation when Amanda designed and shared for free online, the Social Story, to support children just like her own, who were struggling to understand what was happening and why their world had changed so drastically in an instant.


Amanda’s visual supports have been featured on or recommended by Government bodies, organisations, charities and associations all over the world. To name but  a few, Amanda’s Social Story has been featured on or recommended by:



Amanda’s lived experience as an autistic individual, her lived experience raising and home-schooling her three autistic sons together with her professional experience as an Autism Consultant and  Early Intervention Educator, inspires parents of children with additional needs all over the world through her online social media platforms.


Little Puddin Prints has been founded by Amanda in response to an overwhelming demand for her educational resources, professional advice, webinars, trainings, insights, and experience.

Through her social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, her family blog; www.littlepuddins.ie and her parent support forum www.theautismeducator.ie  Amanda has reached all corners of the world with her Visual Supports, educational resources, insights and family experiences.

All of Amanda's educational resources have been tried and tested over the last 14 years by Amanda's children; from Hailey down to youngest little Puddin Max. Amanda's experience as an autistic individual together with her role as a mother to 3 autistic sons who have varying degrees of support needs, means she knows what is needed by families just like her own. 

Her visual mind has been noted professionally as "exceptional" and it is her visual mind that conceptualises, constructs and deconstructs into minutiae the fine detail of her educational resources, visual supports together with her  illustrated prints. 

Little Puddin Prints

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