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Feelings & Emotions Posters & Bookmarks

Feelings & Emotions Posters & Bookmarks

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My Emotions Activities is a social emotional learning resource for autistic /neurodiverse students. Each emotion image has been illustrated by Amanda Mc Guinness, autistic author, educator and illustrator.

This 18 page interactive resource contains-

  • 2x Emotions Data Collection Sheets
  • 13x Emotions Vocabulary Flashcards
  • 1x I can match Emotions - A4 Matching Chart containing 12 emotions
  • 1x Emotions symbols for the 1x I can match Emotions
  • 3x Match picture to picture emotions activities sheets
  • 2x Matching Images for Match picture to picture activity
  • 3x I can match emotions tracing activity

An ideal resource for students learning to identify, label, sort or match emotions. Suitable for use in school, speech therapy or home school. Designed by autistic learners by an autistic individual. Suitable for non speaking and speaking individuals.

Create a file folder of all the interactive activities for ease of access, or house in a binder, adding to the folder as your learners emotional literacy develops.

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