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Going to the Dentist Social
Going to the Dentist Social
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Going to the Dentist Social

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his listing is for a Autism Social Story - Going to the Dentist


Use the Going to the Dentist Social Story to help your student or child understand going to the dentist. The Social Story features several common Dentist routines which will encourage your student and/or child to become more independent and confident in attending the Dentist.


The social story is especially useful to children who may have anxieties around Dentist visits. The story is 14 pages long and where possible include images of children of all abilities. The text is supported with a background colour of yellow to aid reading.


Social stories work to help a child or adult with autism/additional needs understand a particular situation - what may happen- how others may behave or respond - how they may be expected to respond/behave in a particular situation.


Routines Covered in the Going to the Dentist Social Story include:


-Today, going to the dentist

-Arriving at the Dentist's office - what will happen

-Waiting in the waiting room

-When it is my turn, what happens

-What I will see in the Dentist's room

-Sitting on the Dentist Chair - what to expect

-What is on the Dentist tray

-Dental exam - what to expect

-Dentist will talk to the Dental Nurse

-Washing out your mouth after the Dental exam

-If my teeth are healthy/are not healthy

-If I have cavities

-Receiving dental treatment

-Going home after the dentist visit


A tried and tested strategy in behaviour management.

Social stories help a person with autism understand how others might behave or respond in a particular situation, and therefore how they might be expected to behave and to help others understand the perspective of a person with autism and why they may respond or behave in a particular way. Social stories can be used as a behavioural strategy by modelling what is the right and wrong thing to do or explaining what is going to happen in a particular situation.